Thank you for visiting the web page for my book Dee the Little Lifeboat. My name is Martin O’Kane and I am the Portrush Lifeboat Medical Advisor and GP along the stunning North Antrim coast of Northern Ireland. Days after my evening shift in our local GP run COVID hub I would stare out to sea and reflect on how difficult it had become to fund raise for the RNLI. The many fun social gatherings and events just could not take place. Time to think outside the square…….. The RNLI is a “family” of selfless crew, fundraisers and operational team so why not look upon the various boats as a family? Dee was the subsequent outcome …….a fearless little lifeboat out to prove herself.

The book is stunningly illustrated by Alice Rohdich. I did not know Alice that well when I created Dee  but was aware of her talent and secretly hoped she would consider bringing her to life. Not only did I find an illustrator but a humble generous giving person I now consider a good friend. She takes us on a visual journey from the coastal town of Portrush with its iconic buildings, along the east coast and its many incredible finds towards Rathlin Island.

The North Antrim coast is a feast of castles, rope bridges, coastal paths, giants and whiskey!! For those of you who know I need say no more; for those of you who do not I say you need look no further for your next staycation. I have been privileged to have travelled to many countries in my life and can honestly say nowhere comes close!

My other main character in the book is Sam the Seagull…..he is quite the character who enjoys hide and seek. Why not try to find Sam in the pages? some are more difficult than others.

The book is finally also an opportunity to discuss water safety and what to do should your child fall into the sea or any body of water. It is never too early to talk to them about the dangers and the RNLIs “Float to Live” campaign.

100% of the profits of this book are going to the RNLI

- Martin